Glenn Horvath


Artist in Germany





Born in Miami Beach Florida in 1960. I have lived up and down the east coast of the USA. I moved to Europe in 1990, having run away from the then politics and the unsettling atmosphere of America. I came to Paris and then I landed in the great trade city of Leipzig, Germany. After 10 years in Germany I returned to America with my German wife and 2 children only to return 6 years later again because of my dissapointment with my fellow Americans and another Bush horror show. Plus the culture of art and music is more nurturung and interesting here in Europe, I believe.

My paintings have always been a mode for my own entertainment. When I found out they entertained others, I guess that started the artist ball rolling. At the same time I was becoming an artist, I was obsessed with learning and playing the drums, so rhythm was infused into my art at that time of my early development. My life experiances, my doodles, and comic books helped with my autodiduct education of the human form and my studying of the classic impressionists formed my style. Understanding color and shading was somehow easy for me. I just got it. The next big jump was to draw figures who were thinking and displaying their body language to me and to the viewer. There were no art courses offered in my high school and college art lessons were not a help.

After I started to develop my own style I began to sell almost every painting I did, albeit at a lower price. I have always managed myself and have never really been involved with a gallery. Maybe to my detriment.


8901 Marmora Road, D04 Glasgow, 89GR

(123) 456 - 7890



March 2016

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March 2016

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